Yet another ham homebrew site.



144/432Mhz 1Kw/500W Linear build

4x9 mechanical polarisation rotating array

I like building things, it is the challenges that hopefully improve my technical skills.


The biggest challenge being to overcome my desire to bodge things

Current Status Jan 2018


Back on air and testing the mechanical polarisation rotation on the 4x9 2m array. Also perfoming thermal tests on the linear.


Current 2m System


Flex 1500

10MHz GPSDO feeding flex and zlpll LO @106MHz

Elecraft XV144 using external LO from reference

W6PQL based homebrew linear limited to 400W at antenna

VHFDesignLNA: LNA-2m-EME ( ATF-531P8 <0.3dB NF)

4x Homemade Powabeam WAXX9S Antenna

Individual mechanical polarisation rotators on WAXX9S




An introduction

I'm Richard, a Software engineer who was trained as an Electronics engineer. As well as my main job I also design and build things for people. Odd things, things you can't buy, things that you wouldn't know where to get made. If someone can convince me it will do some good for someone and it sounds interesting and challenging I'll have a go at - as long as it covers the costs I'm up for it!


Nothing jumped out at me recently so I decided to try moonbounce - that meant passing the three stages of the radio license which I did in a year, and then start building stuff.


Having built my first 600W linear, I decided that it needed to be rebuilt, bigger and better with the lessons I learnt from the first one



I got a lot of ideas off peoples websites - so this is my payback. I'm publishing what I have learnt and any useful information I found that may help the next person along.



This site is permanently under construction!

My current projects are the linear which I'm still mucking about and altering and my latest antenna project which is a polarisation rotator for my 4x9 yagi Array.